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HAITACK is identified as a Ningbo brand produc

作者:寧波金海晨光化學股份有限公司 日期:2018-05-18 09:17:43 點擊數:

In December 2017, HAITACK, the brand of Jinhai Chenguang’s C5hydrocarbon resin products, was identified as the famous brand product ofNingbo by Ningbo Famous Brand Product Identification Committee. The C5hydrocarbon resin produced by the company is of the first class quality. It isdeeply welcome in the market because of the advantages of light color, lightsmell, transparent, narrow molecular weight distribution and good compatibilitywith the polymer. At present, the product occupies an important position in thedomestic adhesives industry, and has become a long-term supplier ofinternationally renowned adhesives manufacturers.

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